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autoRis a specialist in the design and realization of new images for stock cars.

autoR, from the very beginning of it existence as a firm actively participates in motor sports, where we achieve priceless experience regarding the functioning of our products in the most difficult conditions of hard fought competition. The passion and desire for victory of the teams working with us causes us to search for innovative solutions and allows us to discover new possibilities. Most essential for us is that our products are lightweight, allowing the reduction of the vehicles' total mass weight, but simultaneously the products must be durable and safe in order to realize the tough sports requirements. Additionally, motor sports are the best test for new technologies which we receive from our well known suppliers. autoR sports products are already showing their own advantages in Polish long-distance car races, where professionally prepared cars always occupy the highest positions. Our products also fulfill the expectations of race car drivers driving with most powerful cars (power exceeding 1000 horsepower), competing in the Polish racing cup on the 1/4 mile. The latest successes of the firm can be see in the motorcycle race, where we used carbon filament technology, and the team working with us participated in the Polish and World championships in the Super Sport 600 and Superbike class. Of course autoR products are also used in the most popular car sports in Poland which are the car rallies. Here, in the most extreme conditions, technologists from our firm test new materials. Passing these tests allow us to have 100 % certainty in regards to the highest quality in the components used.

autoR Team.

The activity of autoR in motor sports permits to have new but well tested solutions to standard products. At the same time the victories of the competitors that we sponsor additionally confirm the highest quality which each of our customers can experience.     

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