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autoR Club - Tuning is my life.

autoR is a specialist in the design and realization of new images for stock cars.
autoR, is also a group of professional tuning fans and enthusiasts of beautiful cars and not only... Tuning, in our understanding, is making modifications for the purpose of the individual vision of the car owner, reflecting his character and fancies. Tuning is also a lifestyle and a way to spend spare time. In the autoR Club we want to meet with all enthusiasts of building "new" cars and show the works which came into being through the use of our products. You will see the biggest European exhibitions and tuning meetings, where we present cars professionally prepared by autoR.

We will show also your cars in which you used stylistic sets of our firm. See for yourself the most important meetings and entertainments organized by clubs cooperating with us and our commercial partners. Here you can meet people with whom you can exchange opinions and enjoy your free time. We also invite you to participate in the competitions or do some shopping in our shore with original, high-grade autoR accessories. We also have an exceptional offer for free products for tuning fans who in cooperation with autoR will permit us to create new, exceptional stylistic sets through allowing us to do some design works on their cars. We also invite you to exchange opinions on our forum and meet with us during the exhibition. We’d love to talk about our creations and your splendid cars, so ... see you there!

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